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Young Girl Dies After Engaging In 273ft Water Slide

A young girl died after her excitement to go on a water slide triggered a heart attack as she was halfway down.

10-year-old London Eisenbeis was excited to go on the 273ft-long slide at Zehnder’s Splash Village in Michigan, USA, last year after waiting two years to be deemed tall enough.

But the thrill threw London’s heart into an abnormal rhythm, and caused a cardiac arrest. The young girl was rushed to hospital, where she was put on life support, but tragically died nine days later, on February 27, 2018.

Though the 10-year-old seemed ‘very healthy’, she had unknowingly been suffering from a rare and potentially fatal condition called Long QT syndrome, which can cause serious irregular heart rhythms.

London’s mum, Tina, spoke to The Sun about what happened at the water park, explaining she was sitting on the other side of the park waiting for her two daughters and her husband, Jerry, at the time.

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