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Woman Uses Coffee Breaks In Office To Masturbate Instead Of Having Coffee

We all have our own methods for dealing with stress at work: venting to friends, taking multiple cigarette breaks, or procrastinating for approx a week until your workload is 10x higher and nothing has been resolved (guilty as charged).

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office/retailer/anywhere will know it’s impossible to remain stress free at all times, and sometimes you just need to take a break from all the drama to recharge.

While some might choose to go for a short stroll or a coffee run, one woman has revealed she does something rather different when she’s trying to relieve stress at work – and it involves masturbation.

Nadia Bokody, sex columnist and global editor of She Said, revealed in a recent article that she takes masturbation breaks at work when she’s feeling stressed.

The editor notes that while other people choose to ‘puff on their cinnamon vapes’ and wait in line at Starbucks for their pumpkin lattes, she’s happily relieving her stress in a much more exciting way.

Bokody writes:

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