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Woman In Shock As She Find’s Feathers In Chicken She Ordered From McDonald’s

A mother couldn’t believe what she saw when she opened open her daughter’s fried chicken meal at a local McDonald’s.

I’m an eater of meat and flesh and all sorts of animals. I’ve only witnessed a few butcherings of these animals in person, and probably performed maybe two in my entire life, which is still a lot more than most people, but I’m not really “in touch” with where my food comes from.

As far as I’m concerned, it all begins and ends with supermarkets and restaurants. I know that animals are furred and feathered and scaled, but I’m not thinking about that when I’m chowing down on them. It’s probably why I can’t stand eating fish because, whenever an errant bone gets caught in my throat, it reminds me that I’m actually eating what was once a living breathing organism.

It’s easiest to distance yourself from your food and where its sourced if you’re constantly eating fast food. The mass-produced, pre-packaged, easy-to-prepare food is very far-removed from the animals they once were. We view the food items as entities completely separate from the “source material,” but that doesn’t mean that bits of nature can’t shine through in our meals, as gross as that may be.

This mother and daughter learned that the hard way after buying a fried chicken meal.

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