Why Brittany Murphy’s death is still a mystery

The clearest and most detailed accounts the public has of Brittany Murphy’s final moments are courtesy of her mother, Sharon, and her husband, Simon Monjack, both of whom were with Murphy as she grew increasingly ill and unresponsive. But Monjack’s veracity had come under fire even before his wife’s tragic death, leading many to refer to him as “Con-Jack.”

Brittany Murphy met Monjack at a party, and the two married in 2007 after a whirlwind romance. After their wedding, they largely retreated from the rest of the world. The retreat might have been deliberate on Monjack’s part. Prior to meeting Murphy, he had dated and deceived a number of women, leaving them bitter and debt-ridden. Of course, he didn’t tell Murphy about these women or the dire financial straits he left them in. He did, however, tell Murphy, that his mother was abusive. (Phone records show he spoke to his mom nearly every day, which is a little odd for someone who recognizes they’re being abused, but each case…

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