The most ridiculous public service announcements

Ever thought about taking drugs? Well, think twice. This 1993 public service announcement — brought to you by Concerned Children’s Advertisers and Health Canada — was specifically designed to scare you away from illicit substances for good. And with the help of some memorably misshapen puppets, it just might succeed.

In “Hip Choice,” we meet two pouty puppet children resembling unusually bulbous, fat-lipped Cabbage Patch Kids. They’re clearly on the wrong side of town — perhaps lost at the intersection between Sesame Street and Skid Row. In no time flat, our beady-eyed duo are propositioned by a drug-dealing puppet with a Lou Reed complex and two trembly hands piled full of dirty needles, soggy joints, and mealy, unidentifiable capsules. “The first hit’s free,” he coos, “but you find me when you need more. The choice is yours!”

As the children entertain this wholly unappetizing offer, we’re subjected to a bizarre black-and-white montage (presented so quickly as to be…

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