Stylist Meets Kind 60-Year-Old Man Who’s Been Homeless For 20 Years And Offers Him Free Makeover

A homeless man in the Dallas area was treated to a makeover that he hopes will start a new chapter for him. Larry Green is 60 years old. He’s been homeless for over 20 years. A stylist who goes by “Mrs. Hot Hands” noticed Larry’s struggles and hoped to make a difference by offering a makeover.

“We just want to make him feel good and show him just because he is not financially stable right now that he can still get appreciated,” Mrs. Hot Hands told CBS DFW.

The early Father’s Day treat was an exciting one for Larry. He’s a father of four, grandfather of eleven, and great-grandfather of three. What Mrs. Hot Hands offered was something simple, but it makes a world of difference for Larry. “She is letting me know that I am still human,” he explained.

The stylist cut Larry’s overgrown hair and shaped up his beard. His special weekend also included getting some new clothes, an overnight stay at a hotel, and dinner with friends. The transformation truly touched Larry’s spirit. “I know…

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