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Skin Expert Claims That Putting Semen On Your Face Can Reduce Wrinkles And Prevent Spots

You know those days/weeks/years when you’ve got really bad skin and you just think to yourself, ‘God, I wish it would just magically improve’?

In this situation, I’d do pretty much anything (short of selling my soul) to cleanse my skin – whether it’s drinking five litres of water a day or steaming my face over a bowl of boiling water with a towel over my head.

What I probably wouldn’t do is get a big bowl of semen and lather it all over my face, because… well… why would I?

You probably think I’m weird for even bringing that up but trust me, I do have a point. The point being that semen face masks apparently help to reduce wrinkles, smooth skin, and prevent spots – according to one beauty expert.

Chelsee Lewis, who has many celebrity clients and over 22 years of experience in the beauty industry, swears by using your partner’s sperm as a face mask to help keep your skin looking healthy. Yikes.

Speaking to Femail, Chelsee said:

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