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See what a Hair dresser did to many Homeless people in the UK

Do Something For Nothing

A London hairdresser gives free haircuts to homeless people and has created a selfless, encouraging social media movement off the back of it.

Joshua Coombes has been heading out and about with his scissors for years now, offering to give those living on the streets a brand new look with a fresh trim.

Like any good hairdresser, the 31-year-old gets chatting with his customers, listening to their thoughts, feelings and stories. The only difference is, the streets are his salon.

If you ask anyone about the issue of homelessness, I’m sure they’ll agree it’s a huge problem. Everyone’s aware there’s countless people living on the streets, but Joshua’s movement isn’t so much about raising awareness; it’s about raising compassion.

After he’s finished cutting someone’s hair, the hairdresser asks if he can share their story on Instagram using the hashtag ‘Do Something For Nothing’.

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