Roller coasters that will blow you away in 2020

With their film franchise and their tendency to spoil Marvel movies with their toy sets, Lego bricks have never been more trendy than they are today. Still, the only way they can physically move you has traditionally been that little, hopping dance of pain when you step on one … at least, until Legoland New York rolls out its brand new Dragon roller coaster. According to USA Today, the fantasy-themed coaster will make its grand debut in the spring of 2020, along with the rest of the theme park, which will open in Goshen, New York, as the ninth and largest Legoland in the world.

Apart from the fact that the Dragon is located in the park’s medieval-themed Knights’ Kingdom area, details of the ride are rather scarce at the moment. However, if the dragon-themed coasters in smaller Legolands such as Billund Resort and Florida are anything to go by, the Dragon is likely a combined indoor/outdoor track that will start as a moderately paced tour inside a Lego castle filled with…

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