Pink Releases Emotional New Song And Music Video That Every Working Mom Will Relate To

Pink is one of the most relatable celebrity moms out there. She never sugarcoats anything, always wears her emotions on her sleeve, and is fiercely dedicated to her family. And although she catches a lot of heat from internet trolls who have nothing better to do than put down her parenting style or criticize her for being a working mom, Pink has plenty of support from her fans who appreciate the honest, inside look she gives them about her work, home, and family life.

Pink recently dropped the music video for her emotional new song, “90 Days,” and although the video shows the “heartbreaking side” of celebrity and fame, it also tells the story of something that all working parents can relate to — having to be away from your kids for any amount of time. For Pink, this means leaving her kids and husband for months at a time to go on tour. Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, appears in the video, too. “This was a really cool video to film w/ wifey @pink,” he wrote on Twitter.

Pink recently…

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