Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos’ Teen Daughter Walked In On Them, And It Was A Hilarious Nightmare

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have always been a very fun-loving and open couple. They also love to keep it real, sometimes to the horror of their kids. Their latest story from Father’s Day is actually a kid’s worst nightmare. Mark joined Kelly on Live! With Kelly and Ryan to recap their super-awkward weekend celebration.

Father’s Day was a bigger celebration than usual because it fell on Kelly and Mark’s daughter’s 18th birthday. Lola routinely comes up in their stories, as she’s usually the most mortified by their antics. Apparently, Lola tried knocking on their bedroom door before she opened it, but Kelly and Mark didn’t quite hear her because they were, ahem, in the act. The horrified parents scrambled to talk their way out of it, but the damage was already done. Lola was horrified, as were Mark and Kelly later when all their kids started swapping their stories of walking in on the couple. The only thing funnier than the story itself is Kelly and Mark’s retelling of it.


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