Dark moments from Nickelodeon shows we all forgot about

One of Nickelodeon’s first original cartoons upon its 1991 debut, Rugrats was truly original and could only have worked as a cartoon. It depicted life from the point of view of babies and toddlers — surreal, brightly colored, full of wonder, and a little difficult to understand. A lot of the show’s humor derived from Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, and the rest confidently mispronouncing words and getting the basic concept of everyday life activities completely wrong. But come on, they’re babies — they don’t know anything about anything. Rugrats was almost always a gentle and comforting show, except for the Season 1 episode “Ruthless Tommy.” Grandpa Lou is supposed to be watching Tommy, but falls asleep, leaving a curious Tommy to crawl out of his playpen and out the front door, which was inadvertently left ajar. Tommy goes outside to play with a ball, only for two guys to swing by and swoop him up.

Their reasoning for kidnapping a baby on this children’s show is…

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