Conjoined Twins, Who’ve Only Seen Each Other Through A Mirror, Turn 18 And Defy All Medical Odds

Twin sisters Neev and Nelly Kolestein were born conjoined at the head — yet their mother didn’t find out about their life-threatening condition until she was actually in labor with them.

Doctors were convinced the twins would die shortly after they were born. And even if they did survive, they were certain they’d experience a very poor quality of life before passing away by the age of 10.

Neev and Nelly Kolestein are known as “craniopagus twins,” the rarest type that makes up just two to six percent of conjoined twins across the world.

Because of the crucial main artery they share in the head, the sisters cannot ever be separated… but they do have their own individual brains and bodies.

Years passed, and lo and behold, Neev and Nelly began to thrive against all odds. Medical experts continue to be stunned by their story.

Sure, Neev and Nelly have been the victims of bullying and torment, unfortunately. And they’ve only ever seen each other’s faces through their reflections in the…

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