Angry Man Flips Out In Bagel Shop Because He Says Women Keep Rejecting Him Over His Height

All they wanted was a couple of bagels. Instead, Olivia and Diana got themselves a viral video that’s been viewed millions and millions of times.

It all started around 9AM at Bagel Boss in Long Island, New York. Olivia and Diana, a pair of friends documenting their morning, walked in for some breakfast.

At the register was a man who was visibly upset after a female employee behind the counter apparently “smirked” at him.

The angry man proceeded to unleash a verbal tirade over the fact he says women treat him badly and refuse to date him because of his height.

“Why is it okay for women to say, ‘Oh, you’re five feet,’ on dating sites?” he screamed. “‘You should be dead?’ That’s okay?!”

But the staff said no one in the shop had even said that to him. “Women in general have said it on dating sites,” he responded.

Olivia and Diana tried sticking up for the female employee, which only seemed to set him off further. Olivia stood there in shock, recording the incident on her cell phone….

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