Amazing Graffiti Artist Turns A Block Wall Into A Bus (+15 More Transformations)

Sergio Odeith, a 43-year-old Portuguese graffiti artist, impressed thousands of internet users this week when he posted his latest work of art on Instagram. In less than 7 hours since publication, the post had gotten almost 80,000 likes. As of this moment, it’s nearing 100,000 likes and still getting plenty more!

Known for making extraordinary 3D drawings, this time the artist decided to use spray paint to transform a concrete block into an abandoned bus. The details are so impressive that whoever looks at finished pictures of the project for the first time believes that they’re really looking at a bus.

Scroll down and see Odeith’s newest masterpiece for yourself! After you’re done, read through Bored Panda’s previous article about Odeith’s other stunning works of art that look so real, they pop out of the screen. We know you’ll love it just as much as this post!

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The artist piqued the curiosity of his…

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