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A Gigantic Humpback Whale Made A Boat Look Tiny As It Leaps Out Of Sea

A ginormous humpback whale has been pictured breaching the sea right next to a fishing boat, making the boat look tiny in comparison.

A fisherman can be seen staring at the huge figure of the whale as it overshadows his boat in the pictures and video footage taken by Douglas Croft, 60, and whale watcher Kate Cummings.

The incredible footage was taken in Monterey Bay, California, which is a popular whale-watching spot – however, nobody could have expected to come this close to one of the water’s largest mammals.

The fisherman witnessed the giant humpback leaping out of the depths, incredibly close to his boat, Baja Sueno, as he stood in shock.

Douglas Croft, who took the photos, said:

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