8 Alarming Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Wear Flip-Flops Again

When the warm summer and spring months arrive, lots of us reach into the back of the closet to fish out our favorite sandals.

But if yours happen to be a pair of flip-flops, freeze right there. We have a few good reasons why you should stop wearing flip-flops right now.

These simple sandals have been popular for decades, and they’ve been doing a number on our toesies for just as long.

Don’t get us wrong, we totally see the appeal of a comfy and simple shoe that you can just slide right on.

Unfortunately, the simplicity of the shoe also makes it a foot doctor’s nightmare.

A gentle foot massage might be able to temporarily alleviate the pain, but the best option might be to stop wearing flip-flops entirely.

While it’s fine to wear them to the beach or in the shower at the gym, these floppy sandals leave your vulnerable feet open to all sorts of accidents and injuries.

Scroll through below to learn why you should stop wearing flip-flops whenever possible.

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