63 Reasons Why We Are Already Living In A Boring Dystopia (New Pics)

While we may imagine a dystopian future of thought police, killer robots and nuclear fallout, the reality is much more boring. Instead of being brutally brainwashed and enslaved by fascist, authoritarian regimes we have willingly enslaved ourselves, meekly allowing the top 1% to get exponentially richer while we drown in a sea of debts, tech, advertising, endless wars, environmental destruction, addictions, depression… the list goes on.

Brilliant, isn’t it? But it’s ok, there’s always Facebook to scroll through (Bored Panda too, obvs), Netflix to watch, chemical-laden meals to consume, manufactured outrages over a mermaid’s skin color to comment on… who’s got time for thoughtful resistance? Even those that think they are resisting by electing bigoted billionaires, bankers and Eton toffs to represent them are simply playing into their hands, as their dishonest, scaremongering claptrap divides us ever further over political, racial and gender lines!

Sometimes we need to take a step…

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