20 Adorable Pregnancy Announcements Expecting Parents Can Use For Inspiration

Getting pregnant can be a thrilling and nerve-racking experience. When it comes time to share the big news, most parents-to-be want to find a fun way to reveal the pregnancy to their friends and family.

Coming up with an exciting pregnancy announcement is just the first of many “reveals” parents get to do. After pregnancy announcements come gender reveals, birth announcements, name reveals, and more! So make sure to start things off right with a perfect baby announcement.

While some people choose to tell people the old-fashioned way — in person or over the phone — more and more people are turning to social media for their pregnancy announcements. If you’re planning to tell people that you’re expecting with a fun Instagram photo or Facebook post, you’ll want to make sure your announcement is unique and memorable.

To get some inspiration, check out these 20 adorable pregnancy announcements! Feel free to copy them exactly or make them more personal.

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