12 times Rocketman lied to you

Rocketman presents Elton John’s record company guy and early personal manager Ray Williams as a wet-behind-the-ears kid who gets bullied by his boss and spends the majority of the movie as an unprofessional rookie whose defining characteristics are being a nice guy and loving a drink. When John Reid takes over, Williams sadly exits stage left to fade into obscurity. According to WUNC, the real Williams was an entirely different beast.

For one, he had already worked for a popular music TV show and as a press agent for high-profile artists like Sonny & Cher and the Kinks, so instead of the snot-nosed kid depicted in the movie, he was an industry veteran. While the movie Williams was a punk kid who met young John at a large office that actually belonged to his boss, Dick James (who promptly entered in the middle of the meeting and unleashed a barrage of sarcasm at his underling), the real man was the head of artists and repertoire for Liberty Records when John came…

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