This Rottweiler Breaks Record In The UK After Giving Birth To 16 Puppies

A Rottweiler has broken the record for the UK’s largest ever litter of the breed after she gave birth to a whopping 16 babies. 

Animals who give birth to big litters really are heroes. Can you imagine carrying around 16 little babies in your stomach? It makes the thought of carrying just one seem like a doddle.

Roxy the Rottweiler is owned by infantryman Mark Marshall and his wife Laura, and when they found out their pet had some buns in the oven, they had a scan to see how many they should expect.

But, as it turns out, the scan was really very misleading.

Mark explained:

The scan showed six puppies and I thought ‘great, I’m happy with that’. So we had six in our head the whole time, the scans are usually pretty accurate apparently.

But no – there was another ten hiding somewhere! I was so shocked at how many we ended up with. Obviously we hadn’t prepared ourselves for that but in the end, it’s been a nice surprise.

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