This Epic Reason Got This Driver Fined By Police

Alright, let’s be honest with ourselves for a second. How many of us have a messy car, or at least know someone whose car is a complete tip?

Let’s face it, it’s easy to just chuck something in the backseat after a long day and forget about it until it eventually becomes part of the furniture. And then repeat with several other ‘somethings’ every day for a few weeks…

Until it becomes a bit too messy and you have to do something about it, at which point you just have a bit of a spring clean and restore it to its former glory.

One driver took it one step too far though and has been fined by police and received points on their licence because their car was so messy ‘it was dangerous,’ police have said.

The driver was pulled over by Thames Valley Police in south Buckinghamshire, England on Monday (May 13) when police noticed the mess inside.

After being given a fine and points on their licence, the driver was then arrested for an unrelated matter.

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