Very Important things you never knew about ‘expiration dates’ on products

Very Important things you never knew about 'expiration dates' on products

How many times have you checked the expiration date on something, checked the calendar, and then chucked a half-full container in the garbage? Did you even know if it was bad? This is a problem on a massive scale, and it’s so big it’s almost unfathomable. Every year, America throws away around 60 million tons of food. That’s around $160 billion worth.

That’s insanity. Look at it on a global scale, and about one-third of all food produced goes in the trash. What takes up the most room in landfills? Food. While part of the problem is a first-world demand for only the most attractive-looking and perfect foods, another part of the problem is expiration dates, and the confusion that they cause. So, let’s clear up some misconceptions, save you some cash, and help you figure out what these dates really mean and when you should listen to them.

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