It’s 2019, Women Should Learn To Pay Bills

For decades, women have been pushing for gender equality. We’ve worked hard not to be considered a man’s property; to be able to work and vote; to do everything men can do. Oh, but we don’t want to pay the bill.

I mean, come on.

Whenever I’m out with my boyfriend, I insist on splitting the bill, or alternating the payment. I always have. We met when we were both penniless university students, and now we both work full time. So what excuse would I have had, at any point during our relationship, to automatically expect him to pay for our meals?

Yes, he earns more than me in his job, but that doesn’t mean I’m incapable of paying for my own food, and it never fails to baffle me when women assume a man should hand over his hard-earned cash for food that he hasn’t eaten, and drinks that he hasn’t drunk.

Would you expect a man to pay for the socks you wear? Or the books you read? Or the morning coffee you drink on the way to work? No, because he most likely wouldn’t get any use out of them.

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