Amazing Denim Underwears Available For Your Summer Holiday

I was not aware that the world was crying out for denim speedos, but here we are and here they are.

Thankfully for sensitive gonads everywhere, this beach bag ‘must have’ (?) isn’t actually made of denim, but the jarring likeness will no doubt still make you wince.

This bizarre, butt-hugging item is known as the ‘Jeado’, and will certainly make quite a statement down at the hotel pool.

The tightly fitted Jeado comes in three distinct denim-themed shades: the classic Daytona Dong Sarong, the jet black Houston Hog Holster and the no-explanation needed Assid Washers.

These bold briefs are the brainchild of Shinesty, who have praised their product for being ‘quick-drying, soft and smooth on your gear’.

According to the product description, this is quite a subversive item:

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