For The First Time In Century, UK Goes Over 100 Hours Without Using Coal Power

The UK has gone a record-breaking four days without using coal-fired power to generate its electricity.

Earlier this morning (May 6), the National Grid confirmed Britain had gone 117 hours without using the fossil fuel, a number which is still rising.

This blows the country’s previous record of approximately 90 hours without coal power out of the water, a feat which happened Easter weekend, 2019.

As reported by the Independent, this is the first time the UK has been powered for so long without coal since the world’s first coal-fired power station for public use was opened in London in 1882.

The previous record was more than 90 hours, set only a couple of weeks ago in April, and was referred to as a’really big deal’ by the chief of operations at National Grid, Duncan Burt.

The burning of coal is one of the world’s largest contributors to climate change, with the Government planning to phase out the last of Britain’s coal power plants by 2025 in an attempt to cut greenhouse gases.

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