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Weird Denim Underwear Now On Sale

If like me you’re into following the latest in weird fashion, then you’re definitely going to be either intrigued, perplexed, outraged or all of these things when I tell you about the wackiest jeans to have the internet asking questions. Recently, I wrote about the asymmetrical jeans which had us all wondering ‘how else can we go wrong with denim?’. Well, now we have an answer. Thanks to Y/Project, denim underwear is the new fashion outrage.

The denim underwear also called  “janties” or “junderwear” by people of social media, have hit the scene and we’re not sure what we’re more concerned about.

For one, they look uncomfortable. Why would anyone want to wear a textile near their delicate areas that can cause severe skin irritation? Personally, you can find me in the stretchiest and floppiest pants my lower body can get in to. People that wear the “janties” may need to pay a visit to their nearest drugstore for over-the-counter medication for all of the chafing they’ll suffer. I’ll also add, denim underwear is not recommended by gynecologists.

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