You wouldn’t love to meet these Musicians in real Life

You wouldn't love to meet these Musicians in real Life

We all likely share the same fantasies when it comes to meeting our heroes. In the wonderful dreamworld of chance encounters with famous people, we are cool, collected, and not at all geeking out at sharing the same real estate as someone we admire. This applies to musicians as well. We imagine that we could conjure up stories that would make them see us differently than every other fervent follower they come across. “I’ll make an impression on them,” you think to yourself. “One day.”

But no, that will probably never happen. Most famous people don’t do their own grocery shopping, you know. But maybe it’s a good thing you won’t meet a famous musician, for example. You have to be careful — you could end up meeting one of these musicians and have much more than an awkward encounter to regale your friends with. Instead, you could be walking away with tales of terror or maybe bodily harm. Here are musicians you wouldn’t want to meet in real life.

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