Why you don’t see much of him anymore

When you have a voice like Ben Kinglsey, you don’t always need to be on camera to make your mark. A lot of animated and live-action films have utilized that Oscar-winning voice — a task he takes just as seriously as his on-screen endeavors. 

Kinglsey recorded his part as exterminator Archibold Snatcher in The Boxtrolls while lying on a studio floor. “I wanted his voice to come from his belly, not from where my voice normally comes from,” he told NBC San Diego. “It was a very relaxed recording session, and I did nod off occasionally.”

The voice of black panther Bagheera in The Jungle Book connected Kingsley to his Indian heritage. “Knowing that [author Rudyard] Kipling was born in India, I based my Bagheera on the kind of British officer who would be stationed in India, at the time of the Empire, who would have a lot of people under his command,” he told Collider. “He probably loves his men under his command, but he’s a tough love coach. That military side of him, I…

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