Who Is Brittany Borges on the Discovery Series ‘Guardians of the Glades’?

Though she hunts snakes in her spare time, she is a full-time plumber.

While she may be known for her hunting abilities, Brittany does not actually get paid to kill snakes. She helps locate and catch the predators, but reveals she leaves that part of the job up to her fellow team.

“I don’t do that part of the business but you’ll see Tom skinning them but first Dusty [Crum] normally brings them to the weigh station and then he collects and divvies up,” she told Monsters and Critics in a recent interview. Adding, “But I basically just help catch them. I don’t like killing animals. I love animals, I love all God’s creation so them keeping me out of that part of the business is a-okay.”

Instead, Brittany works as a full-time plumber. Basically, she’s not afraid to get…

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  1. hey hun, i just wanted to say your ex- husband is a plum stupid for divorcing you, because you are a very beautiful woman.

  2. Brittany you are awesome also very good on Guardians of the Glades I really appreciate a great down to earth Woman who likes to get involved in such a great cause Please make sure you are on the next season of the show I so enjoyed watching you work it✌

  3. Brittany does not get paid cause she’s not a hunter. They just threw her in the show for the girl thing. She is also not part of the buisness because she’s not part of the real team.

  4. I’ve just recently started watching this show, but I can say with the utmost confidence that her ex will dread the day he made the worst decision of his life. Brittany is not just another pretty face. She is an absolute stunning beauty.

  5. Brittany you are one beautiful young lady I would like to know how old you are do you have a boyfriend and what would it take to get a picture of you sent to me it would mean a lot I watch the show every week mostly just to see you you’re one tough lady

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