What you don’t know about her relationship

You’d think that a husband and wife who spend their days on separate coasts playing soccer would talk a great deal about the sport, but Carrasco and Morgan try to separate their professional pursuits from their personal relationship — at least, as much as possible. Though Carrasco admitted to Pro Soccer USA that they enjoy watching games together and definitely do talk about the sport, at a certain point, they opted to prioritize their marriage above all. This means chatter about one another’s games is strictly off limits.

“Oh, man, that’s been quite a journey,” Carrasco told MLS Soccer. “At first, we were talking about games and stuff. You know, like, ‘Oh, you should probably do this, probably do that.’ And now I think the marriage is more important. We kind of keep soccer separate.” In the event that one of them does want to discuss their play, Carrasco said he falls into more of a supportive role, though Morgan certainly appreciates his insight. Carrasco admitted to MLS…

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