What the GoT film locations look like in real life

During Daenerys’ long and arduous journey across Essos and the Narrow Sea to conquer Westeros, she makes some worthwhile stops in cities throughout Slaver’s Bay, determined to end the slave trade and provide justice for the oppressed. She ends up spending quite a lot of time in Meereen, one of the three major cities in Slaver’s Bay, and after liberating its people, she continues to rule. However, as it turns out, disrupting the slave trade presented plenty of problems, leaving some former slaves lost and adrift and even begging to return to their masters. Faced with a confused populace, angry slave masters, and a mercenary group called the Sons of the Harpy, Daenerys ends up presiding over a city in disarray before leaving Meereen under a subordinate’s control and setting off for the Seven Kingdoms.

The Thrones crew returned to Croatia once again to film scenes from Meereen at the Fortress of Klis, a medieval fortress located outside of Split, Croatia. The massive, ancient…

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