What Happened to Edith Gonzalez? Plus, Who Are Her Daughter and Husband

“Perhaps what united us in that moment was solitude,” she said of her ex, the former government secretary of the PAN political party.

Lorenzo has always been a very supportive stepfather to Constanza. “She is happy, she is a good girl, she is a tender girl, she is a girl with a heart and so … she is very González,” he said to Quien.com.

Edith’s daughter, Constanza, has opened up about her mother’s passing and addressed her loss on Twitter. “Words from my mom: ‘For her to be happy and it’s clear to me that that means giving her love, giving her hugs, giving her kisses, giving her security, giving her limits, teaching her to be humble, teaching her to love life and teaching her, above it all, to be a dignified woman who loves herself’,” Constanza shared in Spanish.

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