Travis Van Winkle Joins Season 2 of CBS’ ‘Instinct’ — Meet the Actor

According to an Instagram post, Travis has been a mentor since 2012. He jokingly captioned a picture himself with his “Little,” “My 20 year old Lil’ Bro Lyrik from the Big Brother Big Sister Program moved in with me until he gets on his feet and it’s been a huge blessing because I get to BOSS HIM AROUND AND TELL HIM WHAT TO DO!! It’s the best.”

He continued, “In all seriousness, it’s nice to have him around because number one, he is a stellar guy and two, he holds me accountable to live in the ways I’m asking him to.”

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The actor regularly shares pictures on his social media page. You’ll find a mix of behind the scenes television snaps, photos of his family, and videos of his hobbies. Basically, you get an unfiltered,…

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