Tracee Ellis Ross voicing Jodie in new Daria spin-off

Tracee Ellis Ross is heading to Lawndale in a new Daria spin-off, where she’ll take on one of the show’s most popular characters, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Ross, who currently appears as Rainbow “Bo” Johnson on ABC’s black-ish (and even won a Golden Globe for the show in 2017), will voice Jodie Landon, Daria Morgendorffer’s sharpest classmate, for the upcoming series entitled Jodie

Though the show was originally conceived as Daria & Jodie, intended to focus on the sardonic Lawndale High School student Daria and her equally intelligent but far more social peer Jodie, it’s been retooled to become just Jodie – placing the focus squarely on a strong, smart, and hilarious woman of color.

Ross will also executive produce the series with MTV Studios. The show’s creator, Grace Nkenge Edwards (known for her work on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), serves as its head writer.

Ross is thrilled to take on the project, which will be the first animated series in nearly…

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