Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Tax Evasion Update and Settlement Details

He also said that she had cheated on her husband, Will Campbell, with Bachelorette contestants Robby Hayes and Josh Murray. He claimed she was afraid that sex tapes of this would be released by her brother, Chase Chrisley.

Todd had been open about his estrangement from his two oldest kids, but that he had recently reconciled with Kyle. Lindsie, on the other hand, has not been in contact with her father since the tax indictment occurred.

Lindsie spoke on her podcast, Coffee Convos, and she denied the allegations that she turned her dad and stepmom in to the police.

“I just find it a little ironic that there is some blame game things going on, and I just really had no involvement in that,” she said.

“I just really don’t appreciate it,” she later said. “I personally don’t…

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