Those Candyman bee stings made Tony Todd a rich man

The lead actor of Candyman had a not-so-sweet time on set, and was richly rewarded for his suffering.

Tony Todd, who portrayed the terrifying ghost of a man who was murdered in the late 1800s, revealed in an interview with The Guardian that he earned a ton of extra cash while filming the Bernard Rose-directed 1992 horror film. The star pocketed a cool $1,000 each time he was stung by a bee during shooting — which was a lot, considering his Candyman character died after his lover’s father called upon a lynch mob to cut off his hand and coat him with honey, causing a swarm of starved bees to sting him to death.

In total, Todd took home $23,000 in addition to his agreed-upon paycheck for the film — though he seemingly would have been fine without the additional compensation, as he fully embraced bees as an integral part of Candyman’s story.

“I negotiated a bonus of $1,000 for every sting during the bee scene. And I got stung 23 times,” the actor said. “Everything…

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