These things happen in every single Spider-Man movie

Back in Amazing Fantasy #15, the comic where Spider-Man made his first appearance, he doesn’t go directly from Peter Parker’s sweater-vest and necktie ensemble straight to the familiar Spidey spandex. In between, there’s the scene where he first tests out his powers (and their money-making potential) in a wrestling match against Crusher Hogan, wearing a homemade costume that looks like mismatched sweatpants and a pair of Aunt May’s control top pantyhose tied around his face.

It’s an iconic image for good reason — no other costume in comics history has ever looked as low-budget and homemade by a guy with no fashion sense as that one — and the movies have kept it around, making sure to always drop Peter in a bad costume first. In Spider-Man, it was a recreation of that scene with Crusher Hogan (renamed Bonesaw McGraw and played by the late “Macho Man” Randy Savage), with a sweatsuit and ski mask tricked out with a stenciled spider on the chest. In Amazing Spider-Man, it was…

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