The reason you don’t hear from Kirstie Alley anymore

Alley will be the first to admit that she got lucky when she was offered the role of Saavik in The Wrath of Khan. Aside from appearing on a couple of game shows, she had essentially zero professional acting experience at that point. “I had not ever had an acting role,” Alley told StarTrek.com. “I didn’t walk around telling people I was an aspiring actress. Because who isn’t, in Hollywood?”

In addition, an unexpected tragedy occurred in the middle of Alley’s audition process. Her mother was killed in a car accident, and her father was seriously injured. After hearing the news, she was in no hurry to take on the role. Instead, she wanted to be home with her dad, and she told the producers that she couldn’t commit to the film until she knew he would be okay. Thankfully, they agreed to wait for her. Against all odds, her dad recovered, and she joined the cast of The Wrath of Khan.

But when Alley was given the chance to play Saavik again in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,…

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