The reason Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley split

Though there was reportedly some resentment at the time of their divorce, Lisa Marie Presley insisted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that Michael Jackson “wasn’t a bad person.” However, she apparently knew that things between them would never work out, in part, because Jackson actually reminded her a lot of her father, the late Elvis Presley. When she noticed all of the drugs and the doctors coming in and out of Jackson’s life, she was rightfully afraid. “I felt I was disposable,” she said. “And it was the same with my father.” 

Presley also said that she often felt like didn’t have a voice in their marriage, and she was upset that people around Jackson wouldn’t stand up to him either. Jackson’s ex described finding herself in a tough predicament, believing that voicing her concerns would only lead to more problems. “Because if you did, you were out. It’s very simple,” she said.

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