The real reason you don’t hear from him

While we might know him best for playing a bad boy, in real life, Rider Strong seems to be very committed to his familial ties, having gone so far as to create a production company with his older brother. In 2013, Strong married long-time girlfriend Alexandra Barreto, herself an actress who mostly works in television. (They got married the same weekend that Strong’s former co-star, Danielle Fishel, tied the knot.) The couple welcomed a baby boy in late 2015, naming him Indigo Barreto Strong (“Indy” for short). Amidst all the chaos of his film, television, and literary career, Strong is surely also embroiled in the day-to-day work of family and child-rearing. Strong and Barreto managed to keep their pregnancy completely out of the public eye, so it’s not surprising that we don’t hear much of what he’s been doing between Boy Meets World and now. After all, he seems to be adept at keeping his public and private life separate. We’ll have to wait and see if young Indy will follow…

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