The real reason Andrew Garfield is no longer Spider-Man

It’s easy to forget that The Amazing Spider-Man did very well, commercially speaking. Raking in a juicy $757 million gross worldwide, it finished as the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2012. If that doesn’t impress you, recall that this means it did better than two Disney juggernauts (Brave and Wreck-It Ralph), The Hunger Games, and Les Miserables. It even put up a decent fight against The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, unquestionably two of the most highly-anticipated movies of the decade. For a while, Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was swinging with the best of them.

Then came The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now, a worldwide gross of $709 million isn’t anything to sneeze at, but when you compare how it fared against other 2014 releases, the slippage is obvious. Amazing 2 was the ninth most profitable film of 2014, and far less critically successful than its predecessor. Most damning is the fact that it was soundly outstripped by its direct competitors. Captain America:…

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