‘Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020’ Cast: Meet the New Housemates

31-year-old Kenji, who performs under the stage name “Kenny” in his band SPiCYSOL, is giving us major Yuki Adachi, aka Tap vibes. A vocalist and guitarist, he reveals to the rest of the house that he had a live show the night before moving into Terrace House.

And his reason for signing on as a cast member? He finds it difficult to “date publicly” in Japan and wants to get the ball rolling on the show. Plus, he wants to start a family soon. “Personally, I’d like to be forthcoming about my love life,” he says. Let’s see if any of his housemates are on the same page…

Follow @kenny_spicysol for a glimpse at Kenji’s illustrations, music, and even some behind-the-scenes shots of Terrace House.

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