‘Talking Dead’ Has Not Been Canceled, But It’s on Hiatus — Details

While there has been no official comment by the network on why they made this decision, reports state Talking Dead will return following the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead. Sadly, fans will still have to wait five more weeks. Though, there will be a lot of gory storylines to discuss when the aftershow returns.

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  1. I really am SHOCKED that talking dead is not on after FTWD, just not the same. Take NOS4R2 off and put it back please!

  2. It’s obvious the network is trying to ram the new weird vampire thing down our throats by taking away a popular show to use its time slot. Didn’t work with me, I wonder how well it’s worked with others. I don’t know anyone that is following NOS482

  3. I thought I missed something when there was no Talking Dead after Fear. There was nothing said after the last show, something is going on and they just don’t want us to know. I am also not pleased with the new show… now I just do other things after Fear!

  4. Agree with Anonymous, when “Fear the Walking Dead” ends I turn the channel, pissed off because I feel they want me watch a show plainly not interested in.

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