‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Rocket League’ Crossover Event — Details!

What is the Rocket League/Stranger Things crossover?

It’s all a part of Rocket League’s Halloween event plans, with its “Haunted Hallows” event. As you take to the field in your rocket-powered card to push a giant ball around, the terrifying Mind Flayer will tower over the field. It may even try to interfere with your shots, or even attack your teammates. Psyonix has warned players to make sure they “look after” the players they take to the field.

The Farmstead Arena will take on a new look, torn straight from the Upside Down itself. The “once-whimsical” arena, as Psyonix describes it, aside from having the Mind Flayer as its “guardian,” has turned into a terrifying field of horror. Manage to make it out alive, and you can earn Candy Corn to be used in the Haunted Hallows Event Store….

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