‘Seal Team’ Fans Think That David Boreanaz Is Leaving for Good

So how does this tie to David Boreanaz? Well, seeing as John Glenn was such an integral part of the show at one point and a big network name, and Season 2 ratings weren’t strong, that maybe the future of the program was in jeopardy and David would look for a way out and maybe try to get another show going.

That, combined with the position that David’s character, Jason Hayes was left in at the end of the Season 2, had people wondering if he’d return to the program.

After the debut of Season 3, it was clear that David Boreanaz is still the lead of the show, but the future of his character does still seem a bit uncertain. Seal Team is brutally real — beloved characters are killed off in the blink of an eye, and the program does receive praise for being true to life. In fact, one of the…

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