Rihanna’s Boyfriend Hassan Jameel’s Ex-Wife Lina Lazaar Is Legit

“His marriage was over before he met Rihanna, after getting a divorce from Lina, but it will still come as a shock to her millions of fans,” a source told the outlet. “Lina has also moved on with a new partner.”

The insider continued, “Hassan was already divorced by the time he started dating Rihanna, and she was fully aware that he had been married before. Rihanna’s bemused that everyone is making a big deal out if, like it is supposed to be some big scandal, when it is not.”

In fact, Lina is famous in the art world. 

Lina is an extremely well-known art critic and curator. According to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Lina was raised in Geneva before moving to London to pursue her education, gaining an MA in Economics as well as in Art History.

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