Reasons why Billie Eilish’s music is so controversial

Much of the controversy behind Eilish’s music surrounds its lyrical content — especially because it highlights a blunt look at the experiences of Gen Z kids. In “xanny,” for example, she sings about the rise of substance abuse. But while the title might lead one to think she’s endorsing the use of the drug, the track actually touches on the opposite. In her A Snippet into Billie’s Mind YouTube series, Eilish discussed the creation of the album and the experiences behind it, recalling that she’d been at a party with her friends the night before writing “xanny.”

“They were Juuling, throwing up, drinking. Kept throwing up … What was really weird to me is that nobody cared,” she explained, adding, “[The first girl that got drunk] was throwing up everywhere, and nobody was fazed.” In addition to finding inspiration in the teenage apathy surrounding her, the teen songstress once got real about what she’s seen other people do in their spare time, telling SSENSE, “Drugs….

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