Reason why some Celebrities Leave their Kids out of their own will

It’s easy to assume that celebs’ children and close family members have it made when it comes to their financial futures. However, as with any family, sometimes things get in the way, or people have different beliefs about wills and inheritances. Rather than pass down their hard-earned fortunes when they die, some stars have chosen instead to disinherit their nearest and sometimes not-so-dearest, leaving their cash to other people or organizations.

As Psychology Today explains, the reasons for disinheriting family members can, in fact, range from having interpersonal problems with them to deciding that another cause might be better served by a fortune. But whatever the reason, it’s definitely possible for feelings to be hurt in the wake of the deceased’s wishes.

The following celebrities cut some of their family members out of their wills for different reasons. Read on to see whose fortunes won’t be trickling down certain branches of their family trees.

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