Rapper Turk Confronts 'STUD' Trying To Steal His WIFE!!

Rapper Turk confronted a woman on Live yesterday, after the woman – who calls herself a “stud” – tried to steal his wife.

The woman, who refers to herself as “Stud G.O.A.T., ” tried to shoot her shot at Turk’s wife on Live. Unfortunately Turk was sitting right next to his wife – and he blasted Stud GOAT for being “disrespectful.”

The Live started out with Stud GOAT talking to Turk’s wife. She tells the married woman, “I’m the freshest stud that you ever met in your life.” And at first, it appears that Turk’s wife is falling for the game.

The rapper immediately stopped their conversation – and took the phone from his wife. He then launched into a tirade against Stud GOAT.

“What the f*ck you…

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